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Monday, October 31, 2005

Holding your virtue cheap

I know, I know. I've been in absentia for a couple of weeks. Sorry, but life has been dealing me lemons like it used to work blackjack tables in Atlantic City. Translation: I'm busier than hell, and I really don't have time to be writing this.

That said, I can't let this slide. Today was a rather momentous occasion in that this is the first time a solid conservative has been nominated to the Supreme Court since Clarence Thomas back in '91. One month ago, President Bush nominated Harriet Miers to replace Justice O'Connor and the Conservatives on the web (justifiably) went nuts. Since 2000, these stalwarts had been putting up with Bush's public spending and social engineering, and they were willing to hold their collective noses in the anticipation of Bush nominating a Conservative to sit on the SCOTUS. Here's a selection of the angst from one commentator:

I am done with President Bush: Harriet Miers? Are you freakin' kidding me?!

Thanks for nothing, Mr. President.

And what does the president do? He balks at taking on the penumbra lovers on the merits. Disgusting.

So this is how you pay back Federalist Society members for their support, President Bush? You nominate some ABA suckup who is openly hostile to the most important orginization in the legal conservative movement's history?!

Thanks for nothing.
This particular commenter referred to Hugh Hewitt as a "Bush lackey" and gleefully reprinted portions of a George Will column on Oct. 4, 2005 where Will stated:

In addition, the president has forfeited his right to be trusted as a custodian of the Constitution. The forfeiture occurred March 27, 2002, when, in a private act betokening an uneasy conscience, he signed the McCain-Feingold law expanding government regulation of the timing, quantity and content of political speech.
I dare say the reason Miers was forced to withdraw was due to the "uncompromising" stance taken by individuals such as the above commenter over the past month that she was not an acceptable candidate. For the first time, I actually saw Conservatives righteously angry at Bush for selling out the one thing these individuals had bartered their ideology for. And for the first time, the Conservatives acknowledged that Bush was a big-government ideologue, and that his feet would have to be held to the fire in order to get him to do the right thing. So the Right set about to do just that. And, wonder of wonders, it worked! They gave Bush so much pain that he was forced to dump Miers and support a real Conservative nominee. Huzzah!

So what do these Rightwing stalwarts do now? Do they begin marking new areas of Bush's soul to take over? Have they learned what they can do when they rally the Right?

Nope. The commentator who made those rock-hard statements above, now says

Mr. President, all is forgiven. Thank you for doing the right thing. It's good to be back on your side. Let's never ever fight again, o.k.? :).
I've said it a million times, no politician sees the light unless he feels the heat. Why is it that even sitting on the evidence isn't enough to have some people realize that being a lackey is all relative?

Hope it's nice and cozy in y'all's big tent.*

*This was written with nothing but love. The above commenter was not the only individual who jumped back on the Bush Bandwagon this morning after they had FORCED him to do the right thing.
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