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Monday, October 10, 2005

History teaches us that we learn nothing from history.

A bit of housekeeping.

  1. Stephan Dillard, one of the brighter minds and most solid citizens on the internets, did his own "10 Minutes with NPR" this weekend. Of course, whereas mine consists of sitting in my car listening to people with soothing voices and perfect diction tell me what to think of today's news, Mr. Dillard actually got his dulcet drawl on the show to discuss the Miers's nomination and blogging. There is much iron in his words. Have a listen -- it don't cost nothing.

  2. Word of warning: If you are interested in buying some sort of portable Multimedia device, I suggest you steer clear of the RCA Lyra RD2780. I've had one for about a year and a half now, and while it is very cool in concept, it's reality is severely impaired by the crappy batteries they put in the thing. The storage capacity of said batteries was well below advertised when I first got the thing and they have steadily declined to where they are roughly equivalent to those generic D-cells that come with cheap plastic flashlights. Only being able to watch 30 minutes of a movie before the thing craps out is simply unacceptable. Once again, my theory holds solid that any device that combines two or more actions that are traditionally performed by separate products will do neither well. Buy an iPod and a portable DVD player and save yourself the irritation.

  3. Useless wedding advice: No matter how large your breasts are, don't blatantly hit on a married member of the wedding party during the reception. Especially when his wife is there. It's also poor form to refer to her as "butch" and claim you don't see what her husband sees in her. Everyone will know about it in approximately 5.5 minutes, and they will all hate you and want you to die. Soon. Painfully.

    Also, don't walk up to the most urbane, intelligent, and handsome man in attendance and pretend to lick his face from chin to forehead while I am he is talking to the father of the bride. It makes it really difficult to focus on the conversation.

  4. Random observations: Single people can outdrink and outlast married people. I am the apparent exception to this rule.
    Rented tuxes never fit properly.
    A couple of shots of Jack Daniel's taken immediately prior to a wedding make the service go faster.
    People are as confused by paradoxes as they are by irony.
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