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Friday, September 16, 2005

Take a cha-cha-cha-chance!

My favorite Dilbert comic was one where Dilbert and Dogbert are sitting on a hill with their backs toward the "camera." Dilbert asks Dogbert if it's a sin to enjoy using cotton swabs in your ear, and Dogbert says "No." "Good," replies Dilbert, "because this morning I used a whole box."

This morning I was aurally pleasuring myself with a cotton swab,* when I heard a car alarm going off in the distance. It wasn't until I removed said swab from my ear that I realized that the "car alarm" was actually something we living in semi-rural areas call a "bird." Having lived in the city for so long, my mind just naturally translated the sound into what was familiar.

Today's my "bloggaversary" (or whatever the hell it's called), and I suppose that story is as good a metaphor as any for this blog: clichéd, but documenting change, nonetheless. Despite the recent changes in my life and this blog,I honestly can't believe it's been a whole year since I overcame the inertia of laziness to start this thing, and I never would have put money that I would be continuing to push pablum on the people one good solar rotation later.

When I first put finger to keyboard, my intention was to write about the Bush-Kerry race that was in full swing. Although I thought I had made a clean break from politics and public policy when I went to law school, it became obvious over the course of the campaign that I was an addict in denial. Inspired by others, the blog seemed like a nifty experiment to write about "Douche vs. Turd Sandwich 2004." Unfortunately for the blog (but damn fortunate for the general public), all bad campaigns must come to an end, leaving me with precious little to write about.

While it was easy to opine about gay marriage or tax plans, writing more personal posts was very difficult at first. In fact, it took me a couple of months to settle on even gazing at my navel. Gradually, those posts have taken over, and while they still aren't easy for me to write (no, I'm not sure why), they are certainly aren't as painful as when I first began (although they still are as painful to read, I'm sure).

Am I pleased with this blog? Sometimes. I compare it to other blogs I read regularly and just shake my head. But every blue moon I write something that I think borders on the pleasantly mediocre and that is satisfaction enough. It has never been my desire to have a famous blog, only to keep those who interest me returning to see what I'm up to, if only, like rednecks seeking NASCAR season tickets on Turn 4, so they can see all the good wipeouts. In this regard, I consider the blog a sterling success, and am inspired to continue plodding along until I get this right.

So on this holiest of days, here's to you, my readers, may you never grow weary of my mindless banter. You truly are the wind beneath my sheets.

* Don't put cotton swabs in your ear, or you'll puncture your eardrum or something. And quit touching yourself.
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