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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Hills Have Eyes

Fitz has joined my request for new blogs to read, and although I stand by all on my blogroll, there are two in particular that I wish to point out -- if only because they are a bit off the beaten path trod by blawgers.

The first is Pat the Chooks, the true life adventures of a Scotsman who has moved up into the Highlands and his passels of chooks (chickens), ducks, cats, voles, mice, etc. PTC's writing is as lush, complex, and blessedly uncomplicated as the land he lives. He started his blog writing solely about the fauna in his yard, but has expanded his range as his comfort level has increased. While he doesn't have many commenters (only having started linking other pages in the past couple of weeks), he plugs along posting much more frequently than many of his peers (guilty) and his posts are usually short and to the point (as opposed to my long willing ramblings). For a change of pace, I encourage you to visit the beautiful hills of Scotland.

The second is from a blogger with similar terrain. Fragments from Floyd is the work of a prof from Virginia Tech who lives in the lovely environs of the Shenandoah Valley. FF is loaded with rural charm, be it the stories about local happenings or the multitude of incredible pictures taken from one of the most charming areas of the country (one this boy from the flat, urban environs of Dallas particularly relishes).

There you go, a little living from the easy side of the street.
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