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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Fifteen is my limit on schnitzengruben.

I actually got a few paragraphs into a post defending the Administration from its attackers. In short, it was a nice piece about how our assumptions and the assumptions of commentators and politicians are to be blamed more than anything -- be they assumptions about how feasible it is to address an ongoing major national disaster; assumptions about how quickly troops can be mobilized and relocated with proper logistical support in an area where there is no communication, flooding, and where the roads are destroyed; or assumptions about the government's responsibility for the fiscal welfare of the poor.

Fortunately for both my readers, I got tired. I just got worn down hearing, reading, and seeing story after story about devastation and personal destruction. I think the kicker was the story I heard on the radio about dogs left behind, sitting on the porches of abandoned houses in flooded neighborhoods, after a week without food, searching the eyes of every passing boat for the familiar face of their owner.

I'm tired of the blame game -- specifically watching Democrat politicians scramble for microphones, like sharks with blood in the water, only too aware that this may be their big chance to turn the tide after a decade of political irrelevancy, and not wanting to let a second of dead air hang about American when it could be filled with finger pointing. If only they could get into New Orleans and stand next to some dead bodies -- now that would totally equal major votes.

I'm tired of watching Republicans fight their way out of an untenable position. Conservatives have known all along that government just doesn't work, but Bush's folks never got the memo. Now they're forced to defend the very beast they've failed to tame.

I'm tired of entertainers getting microphone time and print space to spread vicious and vile attacks simply because they are in the movies or have a hit album. Anyone with a personal agenda, particularly those who bring their own media teams along on their "humanitarian" forays to document their "gravitas," should receive the "Johnny Cash" salute.

I'm tired of watching quota kings holler about racism rather than recognizing that folks of all colors have been hurt in this disaster. Is the poor black who lost a rented apartment hurt more than the middle-class white who lost a $200,000 home? Sure, shit flows downhill, but you can't blame gravity on the government.

So I'm out. No pithy Katrina updates for the time being. No more fingerpointing or blaming here at Excitement Central. Just good ol' boring commentary about cats and traffic and stuff.

Carry on with whatever you were doing.
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