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Monday, September 26, 2005

Combined primary economics was a bottle about this big.

I wrote all of my college papers on a typewriter. That's right. I could have used one of those monochrome-monitored, 64K supercomputers, but I didn't take to those fancy new-fangled contraptions.

Fast forward a few years, and my friggin' life revolves around the internets. I do my shopping, communicating, and entertaining through the internets. Hell, I even get my phone service through the internet as of last week. And with the help of my wireless router, I can access porn information anywhere in my house.

Yep, I am king of the information superhighway.

Unless, say, a hurricane sends gusty winds my way that somehow knock out my cable. Then, I'm like that monkey in 2001: A Space Odyssey, pre-bone. That's what my weekend looked like. No cable, no internets, no phone. No information about Rita, no email access, no late-night movies on HBO Zone about a young lady who raises money for college by starting a topless car wash.

And you know what, it was a hell of a productive weekend. I did a lot of work in the yard, got my grill up and running, did all of our laundry, and even got some research done on a case I'm working on (lucky I had printed out all the cases).

I got to get the @#$% cable fixed.
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