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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Cocaine isn't habit forming. I should know - I've been using it for years.

The British Press is reporting that several companies have dropped "super"model Kate Moss after pictures were published showing her doing copious amounts of cocaine. Prestigious fashion names such as Burburry and Channel are shocked, SHOCKED! that Ms. Moss would use cocaine. I mean, who could look at the following and suspect drug use:
  1. She's is a professional m-o-d-e-l.

  2. She weighs 23 pounds, which I think translates to like 1.458389 stone, or something.

  3. Her boyfriend is a m-u-s-c-i-a-n.

  4. She loves lesbian threesomes (not that there's anything wrong with that).

  5. She gets paid more to walk across a room, that you and I will earn this year.

  6. She has been hospitalized for "exhaustion," which is media speak for "I've done so many illicit substances that I can see through my eyelids."

  7. She has being diagnosed with "sleeping disorder," which is no surprise considering that she stays out all night partying when she should be sleeping.
Actually, I'm surprised that doing coke is still considered "bad" enough for the industry to care. Hell, isn't coke legal in Belgium? Wasn't this the same week that some jackass television host in Amsterdam plans on shooting heroin on the air?

What came as no surprise is how quickly all of the industries supporters and stars rushed to defend Moss, stating that her private life shouldn't interfere with her public life (as if Company X isn't going to fire Joe Sixpack if they find out he's snorting up on the weekends), or whining that this is somehow the media's fault for "persecuting" her. Some Icelandic fashion designer said, "It's really unfair. She may be a product but she's a human being, too. The media are responsible for her loss of success or work." Proving only that Bjork is the second biggest freak to come out of Iceland.

Give be a Value-Sized break. Leave it to the rich and famous to discourage personal responsibility.
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