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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Return of the Native

How lazy do you have to be to disappear for a couple of weeks without telling anyone? Apparently, I set the standard.

First, let me apologize those who may have regularly clicked over to check for updates during this time. I'm certainly not the first to note that blogging has its own social contract, whereby the monster must be fed fresh life experiences and/or thoughtful commentary. I'll admit that I have scoured the net for something for post material when I didn't feel like writing, and I've written passionately about things I don't care about just to keep the home fires burning. Unfortunately, I couldn't sustain that level of disinterest for long, so when my extracurriculars (definition = those things I do when not blogging) began to bear down on me, I decided to take an unannounced sabbatical. I have not written (other that several 12(b)(6) motions and MSJs), I have not read other blogs (other than E.Spat's mind-blowing serial on Ex #1), and I have felt little to no guilt about it.

What have I been doing? In a nutshell, I've been absolutely deluged at work, and I have been doing the house stuff (buying, inspecting, closing, cleaning, packing, moving, buying, buying, buying, etc.) As you can imagine, none of this lends itself to interesting posts, so I have spared you the pain of diatribes about crabgrass and idiot opposition counsel. I have also done my best to avoid posting any meaningless commentary about how I feel about the state of the world.

During my time off, I've thought a bit about what I'm going to do with this site, including whether I want to continue at all. I haven't decided what direction I'm going, but I have decided to keep trucking. Now that I've cleared my desk a bit, I feel somewhat rejuvenated. I still enjoy this outlet, and I have enjoyed the relationships I've made with other bloggers. I don't think I'm ready to lose either.

The fact is, I'm facing a lifestyle change. Tomorrow, me and the Mrs. are officially moving over to the house, which is roughly 25 miles away from where we are now.. My late-night forays into seedy bars will be replaced by . . . I don't know. I suspect that once we get settled, I will have time every night to write. That may lead to a posting explosion. Or it may lead to me sitting around in my underwear watching reruns of the Family Guy.

Whatever the case, I'm back, and I hope some of my friends are still around.
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You know, you could just come back to Southern Appeal, and then missing a few weeks would be no big deal. :)

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