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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I hear the [war]drums echoing tonight

I was asked several months ago to join the Coalition for Darfur, a group of bloggers from across the political spectrum who banded together to raise awareness about the problems (genocide, famine) in the Sudan. I declined for two reasons. First, I didn't think that a weekly PSA was right for this blog. Call it an aversion to filler. Second, and most important, I wasn't sure I was in agreement with the founders' ideals. I just don't know enough about Africa to commit myself to someone else's viewpoint.

While I haven't participated, I have perused the postings of others on the subject, and am now willing to categorically say that I disagree with the Coalition. I didn't have any problem with their call for awareness or their goal of raising charity money for the region. What I have a problem with is their call to have the UN become militarily involved in the region. The Coalition seems to want the UN to become involved, other commentators have suggested that NATO step in, but either would mean U.S. soldiers once again fighting in East Africa.

I cannot support either of these suggestions. In his commentary on NPR this morning, Christopher Preble of the Cato Institute presented a thorough analysis on why military intervention in Darfur is a bad idea and why it is an African problem best left to Africans. I encourage those Conservatives/Libertarians who are part of the Coalition to take a listen.
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