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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Confucius say, law school like sitting on cactus -- many pricks, pain in ass

I wrote this post several months ago as people were getting accepted into law school. Since it relates to my thoughts about being a successful law student, I'm linking to it now.

If you are starting your 1L year over the next couple of weeks, I wish you well. I imagine I speak for a good number of us practicing attorney-types when I say that we are all a bit envious and, at the same time, a bit glad it isn't us. The next three years of your lives will be challenging no matter what you do, but will only be as fun as you decide to let them. With that in mind, stop to smell the roses whenever you can.

But remember, exams are only four months away. ;)
Centinel 11:48 AM #


Dammit, Centinel, I did NOT need THAT reminder.

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