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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Catfish on the table and gospel in the air.

I've gotta admit, I'm shocked you don't see more of this kind of thing. While I have not spent much time in Connecticut, what I've seen there and in the other New England states are cities in decline -- old mill towns with old buildings and infrastructure. Anyone who has ever driven through Hartford and then been in Charlotte has to wonder why anyone would stay up north. Our weather is milder, our women are better looking, and our people are friendlier.

Add in the cost of regulations, taxes, and unions, and it seems to me that any company that remains north of the Mason-Dixon line is just being stubborn. Those managers moving from Connecticut to Tennessee will now enjoy no state income tax, lower total taxes, and don't even get me started about cost-of-living differences -- in real terms these workers just DOUBLED their salaries (to match the purchasing power median income of $128,000 that these employees make in Memphis, they would have to be paid $261,000 in Stamford). Hell, Memphis even has passable bar-b-que joints, something that I'm sure Connecticut can't say.

So welcome home, boys and girls. Grab yourselves a pulled pork sandwich w/ slaw on the bun, head on down to Beale St. for a beer and some blues, and wonder what you ever did to be so lucky. Even if you don't realize it now, in a few months you'll know what it's like to paroled out of prison.

Just remember that we don't give a damn how you did it up North, and we're all going to get along just fine.
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