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Sunday, August 21, 2005

40+ minutes with : Narishkayt

It's been a while since I've written on the gristmill of democracy, NPR, and their never-ending search for truth, justice and the American Way ™, as underwritten by the Foundation for the Advancement of Liberal Bedwetters. Part of the reason I haven't posted on the subject is, well, because I quit posting on anything for a couple of weeks, but part is to to the fact that NPR hasn't really been reporting on anything interesting. That is, NPR has been focusing on international political stories and I don't find them interesting.

Now that I've opted for a 40+ minute drive, I'm hearing more, but it's no more interesting. What am I going to say about a story concerning oil production in Nigeria? Nothing, because I don't care. Now, if Steve Innskeep were to report that aliens had landed in Nigeria, then that would be a story, if only because it would indicate that aliens lack the intelligence to know not to visit Nigeria.

Today, however, NPR did present a brief story accompanied by interviews that made me just shake my head at how stupid some people are. I'm sure you've heard a little bit about the Gaza pullout considering its on the news about as often as Natalee Holloway. Anyway, as you may have heard, Israel was offering to buyout any settlers who left Gaza before the pullout deadline, and now they're going door-to-door hauling out anyone who refused to leave.

The NPR correspondent went and spoke to some people who are now living in a hotel following their forceful removal. The mother was complaining that they were only allocated 10 days in the hotel, and that following that they did not know where she, here husband, and their two young children would live. When asked why she didn't plan for this little eventuality, she replied that they didn't believe the Israeli government would actually vacate them from the settlement.

Way to contingency plan, sister. Despite being told repeatedly for months that they would be forced to evacuate their house, and despite being offered money and assistance in locating a suitable replacement home for their family, this woman and her husband decided that it just wasn't going to happen. So they blissfully went on living their lives until they were dragged out of their house by Israeli police. I understand that these people didn't want to leave -- I wouldn't want to be forced off my property -- but they to at least suspect that the Israeli government might have the political will to forcibly remove them from their homes. By not hedging their bets, they are now essentially homeless and reduced to trying to convince reporters that they have been victimized. The only victims are their children who have to live with their parents' bonehead decision.
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