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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

10 minutes with : Run for the Border

I haven't been commenting on NPR lately because I just haven't had time between work, my in-laws coming to town, and doing the home-buying thing. Another reason is that they haven't been yanking my chain lately. Most of the reason for this is likely due to the fact that I've been leaving for work earlier, which forces me to listen to the local news instead of the national commentary.

On Monday, however, the forces of the universe aligned to bring about something only slightly rarer than full solar eclipse, an interesting NPR story that I, generally, agree with. I say "agree" because NPR's "news" commentaries are generally just liberal viewpoint reporting. However, today, NPR hit an issue that is red meat to the America First crowd: illegal immigration. Specifically, they tackled the problem of OTM ("other than Mexican") illegal immigration out of Mexico.

Let me state on the record that I'm not all paleo-conish when it comes to the issue of illegal immigration. I'm certainly for enforcing the laws we have on the book, but I also believe that immigration is a necessary component of continued national strength.

That said, NPR's reporting on OTM immigrants was an eye-opener. They stated that under current regulations, border patrol agents return Mexican immigrants to the border after they bust them trying to sneak into the US. It is a somewhat futile gesture, the Mexicans just try again until they taste freedom, which, as everyone knows, tastes awfully similar to Cherry Garcia ice cream. OTMs, on the other hand, are not kicked out but are given a ticket and a "permiso," which instructs them to show up before an immigration court on such-and-such a date. They are then set free, what border patrol agents refer to as "catch and release," and their permiso gets them past other checkpoints. The reasoning behind this, according to the Border Patrol, is that they simply don't have the manpower to detain these illegal entrants until their trial.

OTMs have recognized this loophole in the system and are exploiting it like a carney ringmaster with a 2-headed cow. It appears that illegal immigration from OTMs is doubling every year to where it's estimated that 71,000 OTMs illegally crossed into the US this year. That's 71.000 Brazilians, Hondurans, and Chinese (yes, the Chinese are sneaking across the Rio, too) that are given a free pass to roam. Homeland Security, indeed.

Perhaps the least shocking statistic of the weeks show that a whopping 2% of the ticketed OTMs actually show up for their court dates. This is probably the same 2% from which they draw the celebrity jury pool -- those too dumb to get away. Judges read off charges and findings to virtually empty courtrooms while the defendants themselves are trimming the judges' hedges on a landscaping crew.

I could comment on how asinine it all is that we are struggling to control our borders, yet we are letting thousands of potential terrorists and cabbage pickers into our country on their own personal recognizance, but, really, what more can I say.

I can, however, salute NPR for their courage in broadcasting on such a controversial topic. They are an inspiration to us all.
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