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Friday, June 24, 2005

Tom Cruise, Ph.D. in Psychohistory

You know, I always thought Tom Cruise was a bit of a nutball, but after his interview with Matt Lauer on the Today Show, I'm firmly convinced he's just an idiot.

So, what did we learn? First, we learned through his incessant mantra that he is right because knows "the history of psychiatry," that he will accept the word of anyone who claims knowledge of an issue.

Second, we learned that Mr. Cruise lacks the mental tools to distinguish logical fallacies. Note the following exchange:
TOM CRUISE: Matt, but here's the point. What is the ideal scene for life?

TOM CRUISE: Okay. Ideal scene is someone not having to take anti-psychotic drugs.

MATT LAUER: I would agree.

TOM CRUISE: Okay. So, now you look at-- and you go okay. A-- a departure from that ideal scene is someone taking drugs, okay. And then you go, okay. What is the theory and the science behind that, that justifies that?
His comments appear to assume that a perfect person would not take anti-psychotics, and therefore anyone taking them would be moving away from perfection. That is logically similar to saying that, since the "ideal" would be not to have a puncture wound on your body, therefore people shouldn't have tracheotomies. Sure, taking anti-psychotics would be bad if you're in an "ideal" situation, but those taking the drugs are far from an ideal place in their lives.

So, he believes anyone with apparent knowledge and he has trouble with logical reasoning. Hmmm, can't imagine how the Scientologists got this guy.

My advice to Mr. Cruise is that he should study "the history of psychiatry" a little less, and "the use of rhetoric and logic" a little more.
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