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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

No such thing bad student. Only bad teacher.

I just noticed that today is National Teachers' Day. I supposed I could write a long post about my issues with teachers and the teachers' unions, but I just don't have the time. But if you're questioning who's behind this "holiday" look no further than the NEA's website where they note that this year's theme is "Thank a teacher for making public schools great!" (as opposed to private schools, where the teachers suck). Toward that end, I'm suggesting the following "holidays":

  1. National Postal Carrier Day: Thank your mailman for prompt delivery of all of your mangled packages.

  2. National Baseball Players' Day: Thank your local ballpark hero for his willingness to trade genitallia size for the long ball.

  3. National Legislators' Day: Thank your Congressman for using lubrication.

  4. National Dentists' Day: Thank your dentist for novocaine.

  5. National Optometrists' Day: Thank your vision wear specialist for that little eye-puff thing.

  6. National Highway Workers' Day: Thank your public construction supervisors for standing around in groups of 3-4 while watching one guy work. Slowly.

  7. National Bloggers' Day: Thank me for my willingness to put my genius in print.
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