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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Joe vs. The(Democrat) Volcano

A new poll shows that Republicans like Sen. Joe Lieberman more than Democrats.

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Joseph Lieberman is handling his job as United States Senator?

Tot Rep Dem Ind Men Wom

Approve 67% 72% 66% 66% 68% 66%
Disapprove 22 18 23 22 24 20
DK/NA 11 10 11 12 8 14

Judging by the response to the poll, it seems that the Liberal Elite view the man as some sort of traitor because this year he has been siding with Bush on a number of issues and because Bush apparently kissed him on the cheek at the State of the Union (didn't I see that story line on Desperate Housewives?). Connecticut Dems have even started referring to him as a Republicrat. What the hell? Are the Dems smoking crack? Isn't this the same guy who was their VP candidate with that stiff guy? Over the last two years, the American Conservative Union has given Lieberman a 0 rating. That's right, a goose egg. That's hardly the mark of a blue dog. So what are Lieberman's sins? They are evidently threefold: (1) he has voted to stop legislative holdups and clotures that have stopped the GOP from getting votes on issues, (2) he has voted to support the President's nominees (evidently adhering to the spirit of "advise and consent," the bastard), and (3) he has supported the War. Now, the third is a policy disagreement, but the first two appear to be mainly procedural. He doesn't like legislative gamesmanship or hiding behind the rules, sure, but that's hardly a reason to pillory the guy.

Far be it from me to tell the Left how to play their course, but if the GOP were half as picky about ideological purity as the Democrats are, there would be only a dozen or so Republican Congressman left. If anyone should be pissed it is non-Connecticut Republicans who have to share a name with the Lieberman Lovers in the Nutmeg State.
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