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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Hillary, la advisor, Hillary, la aggressiva, Hillary power trip-a . . .

A couple of months ago I posted regarding the rapid movement of Sen. Hillary Clinton toward the political center. I suggested in my indirect way that the recent changes in Hillary's political habits were directly based on principle -- specifically the principle of win at all cost. Of course, that might not have been readily apparent from the post itself, but whatever.

Political pollster Scott Rasmussen has taken it one step further by coming up with a measurement system to track the good Senator. In January she was measured at 59 points left of center, and she has narrowed that to 52 points as of this month. If she keeps moving rightward at this rate, she will pass Sen. Arlen Specter by sometime in mid-May.

In case you were wondering, Hillary's miraculous transformation is working. Rasmussen reports that currently 43% of Americans view Hillary as politically liberal, down from 51% in January. The 8% who changed their opinions over the past two months are referred to in advertising circles as "some of the people all of the time."
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