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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Friday Spies ©: Mad skillz edition

From the BTQ crew:

1. Which Simpsons character are you most like?

I'm probably a cross-pollination between Lionel Hutz and Moe. There have been so many damn characters on that show that I'm surprised I'm not actually one of them. Here's what Quizilla says:

You are...Marge Simpson! You're laid-back, easy going, and a down to earth person. You'd make a good parent!
Not on friggin' word from you people.

Seriously though, have you ever looked to see how much Simpson trivia and miscellany is out there? It's sick. If these people spent half as much time trying to stop world hunger as they do cataloging beaver references, then Angelina Jolie wouldn't have to keep adopting third-world babies.

I also must admit that I don't see what all the Simpson hype is about. It's a good show, but I don't laugh nearly as much as I do watching Southpark or The Family Guy.

2. Name a song you hate that is performed by a band you like. Name a
song you like by a band you hate.

I like Jimi Hendrix, but I hate "Hey, Joe." Oh, and I love the Clash, but every time I hear Joe Strummer's "It's a Rockin' World" I just want to cry. One more: I have always loved Van Halen, but "Dreams" just blows.
I don't like R.E.M., but I like "Radio Free Europe."

3. What skills do you possess? Nun chuck skills? Computer hacking skills?

I have mad beer drinking skillz. You can put down several drinks in front of me, and I can, while wearing a blindfold, tell you which, if any, are beer.

4. Coen Brothers or Farrelly Brothers?

Not even close. The Coen Brothers have made some amazing movies -- from Blood Simple, to Miller's Crossing, to Raising Arizona. The Farrelly Brothers should be writing for MAD TV.

5. What do you predict will be the worst part(s) of the new Star Wars movie?

The part where someone convinces me to pay $7.50 to see the @#$% thing.
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