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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

10 minutes with NPR: MCI

The Story (as paraphrased by me): There was this chick named MarCIa who has been seeing this dude named Bobby Verizon for awhile. As is the way of things, the relationship started getting pretty serious, and on Valentine's Day Bobby V. asked MarCIa to marry him, and she accepted over the protests of her family.

What Bobby didn't know is that MarCIa was also seeing Johnny Qwest, a dangerous young stud from the West Side, who was willing to spend money he didn't have to buy MarCIa's affection. Hoping that love would bring her to the alter, Bobby agreed to let MarCIa talk to Johnny. Sensing the moment, Johnny begged MarCIa to reconsider and to marry him. In his desperation, Johnny issued an ultimatum: it's me or him and you have one week to decide.

Sensing MarCIa, slipping through his fingers, Bobby promised to buy her a new red sportscar as a wedding present. MarCIa is confused. She loves Bobby, but her father doesn't approve of the marriage. She gets hot thinking about Johnny but he's too dangerous. She decides to follow her heart and spurns Johnny.

Bobby realizes that he must move quickly to secure MarCIa's father's approval, so Bobby rushes out and buys him a new house, which gets him MarCIa's father's blessing. Unfortunately for Bobby, when MarCIa finds out about the arrangement she flies into a fury because her father got a house and all she's getting is a car.

What will happen? Will MarCIa spurn Bobby because of all of the backdoor dealing? Will Johnny make another play for MarCIa's heart? Or will MarCIa marry the man she loves despite his imperfections?

Does anyone really care?

My Take:

1. My merger-relationship analogy is about as original as putting syrup on pancakes.
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