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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Movin' on out

You know things aren't going well when you can't get good press from a fellow traveler. Just ask the poor, misguided souls over at, who have just had their collective soft, liberal underbellies exposed to the world by that bastion of political thought, Rolling Stone. In their expose, RS doesn't exactly break new ground, but they do effectively demonstrate that the brains behind the MoveOn operation really don't have a grasp on how the creek they are mucking in actually flows, but, dammit, they're going to continue mucking until something good happens.

The MoveOn phenomenon actually reminds me of a guy I used to work with named Richard. Richard wasn't an idiot, but performing brain surgery wasn't in his future either. Outwardly, he was a regular guy in most respects, but once you got to know him you realized he was a tenacity incarnate. No matter what Richard set about doing, he did it with such commitment and aggression that it was shocking. However, giving him a project was like sending a hyper dog get you the newspaper, you were more likely to end up with a littered lawn than with something to read on the toilet. The key to dealing with Richard, then, was to keep him focused on your ideas and not give him time to think for himself, because that was when he became the Fifth Horseman on the Apocalypse.

Like Richard, MoveOn is clearly filled with enthusiasm that can only come with zealotry. In politics we used to refer to this as a "White Knight" complex -- "I will win because my heart is pure." Despite their vim and vigor, MoveOn has resembled Don Quixote more than Sir Galahad. As RS points out, MoveOn has lost almost every fight they've fought and have often hurt their own side in the process.

As with most monumental blunders, MoveOn's downfall is not its action or inaction, but within the founding philosophy of the movement itself. To wit: While it is MoveOn's intention to motivate Americans to support Democrat candidates, their political viewpoint and choice of medium actually turns many voters off. Even before MoveOn had their "Bush=Hitler" commercial debacle, many conservative types (your humble yet handsome commenter included) believed that every time a liberal made a statement comparing the President to the Fuhrer another group of "centrists" moved to the right. Far from being concerned, we were thrilled whenever the Far Left got it's patchouli-wearing face in front of the American public, because we knew that the best argument against liberalism is liberals.

What amazes me is that despite huge losses in the past election cycle, the MoveOn folks haven't recognized that their extremist views are counterproductive when broadcast to a wide audience. I'm reminded of a state election I worked on several years ago. I received a call one day from one of my friends who had just come into possession of a flyer from the area gay and lesbian society endorsing the Democrat slate. The society had evidently been distributing them in gay clubs in the urban district (no, I don't know how my friend came to possess one, and I didn't ask). I asked him what he was going to do with the endorsement. "Make about a 3,000 copies and mail them to every independent voter in the district," he said. "Why shouldn't I help the Gay & Lesbian Alliance get their message out to a wider audience?"

Despite its woeful record, MoveOne has finally placed a notch on its belt with the ascendancy of Howard Dean to the DNC throne. Dean is their boy (as well as the new can tied around the Democrats' collective tails), and MoveOn claims this as their victory. Perhaps it is, but only because they were able to move the only majority they really speak for -- Democrat activists.

Of course, such a "victory" can only encourage MoveOn to continue spreading their divisive and losing message to the masses, which, in turn, will help further marginalize candidates on the Left. So, speaking as a conservative American, I say "Fight on,!" Your ignorance is my bliss.
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