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Friday, March 11, 2005

Friday Spies ©

As the regular reader of this electronic screed sheet knows (Hey, Honey!), I don't do very "personal" posts because, well, I'm not very interesting. I work, I drink, I'm slowly dying, really not much to tell. In an effort to be more sociable, I'm going to join the "cool kids" and answer the BTQ Boyz "Friday Spies" ©. I reserve the right never to do this again. Ever.

1. Tell me what's in your desk drawers right now.

I actually have something like 72 desk drawers in my office. What I don't have is a system of organization, so you are likely to find just about anything in any given drawer. For instance, in drawer #25 I have a copy of my resume (sad) and what appears to be a bunch of research I did on a case, like, 8 months ago. Drawer #8 contains a box of business cards (mine) with a stack of Texas Bar Journals. The following is a random sampling of items from my central drawer #1: an unpaid parking ticket, a small Sega electronic hockey game, random business cards, a small bottle of contact solution, a cigar, a Montreal Expos (deceased) Zippo lighter, a cd copy of the Doves There Goes the Fear EP, a Subway club card with 7 of 8 stamps, a Chinese yo-yo that looks like the American flag, a small temporary tattoo of a black cat, and two ride tickets from the Texas State Fair. I couldn't make this up.

2. How many states have you visited or lived in, and which of the
others do you most want to visit?

I've visited the following states:

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I have lived in the following: Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, and Montana. I would most like to visit Alaska, because I hate people and there are so few of them there.

3. What was the last cd you purchased, and what was the last movie you rented/bought a ticket to?

I actually bought a cd last night from a band called Silvertide whose local show I attended. They rock. Other than that, I bought the Doves' new disc, Some Cities last week.

I don't see too many movies at the theater, nor do I rent. The last movie I bought was Ong Bak, a Thai martial arts film that's currently in limited release in America. Martial arts isn't really my bag -- I prefer Asian gangster movies like Infernal Affairs and The Mission -- but I heard good things about this one. The story is rather simplistic, but Tony Jaa is a rockstar. This guy is going to be the new Jackie Chan if he ever learns English. Hold that, Jackie Chan never really learned English.

4. Have you ever sung karaoke? If not, what song would you be willing
to sing in front of people?

I've sung karaoke on occasion to mixed reviews. I have overreached my minimal talent on several occasions in embarrassing drunk escapades. However, I have some small talent at singing the standard You Never Even Called Me By My Name by David Allen Coe (coincidently, whose grandson I met a couple of weeks ago). I actually turned it into a duet with a former American Idol star a few months ago, but that's a story for another day.

5. What was the best concert you've ever attended, either because of
the performance or because it was otherwise memorable?

My favorite was The Who's Kid Are Alright Tour back in 1989 because it was the first concert I went to out of town, I was drunk, and it was The Who. What more reason do you need, really? The craziest concert I ever saw was a friend of mine's band recently reprising the band Glasspack during their last show at the legendary Texas Jam '78 for a soon-to-be-released documentary of the occasion. During the show, they took shot breaks, he fell off the stage twice and sprawled, there were two streakers, hot chicks rushing the stage, several knocked over amps, and one destroyed drum kit. That's the way every concert should be.
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I'm fascinated by the sheer number of desk drawers and by the fact that you've numbered at least two of them.

I'm not sure that a former American Idol contestant is worthy of being called a "star" though.
another great blog from you guys. i'd point you to mine but it isn't yet the way I'd like it. i do have a website that I think is cool, kind of almost about art extreme martial
Hi! I got into tattoos recently.
Love your blog articles.
I've created my own blog as an ode to the art form. :-)

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