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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Welcome to Big Rock Candy Mountain

There's a certain freedom to being powerless -- a lesson the Democrats are learning well. Today Sen. Harry Reid posted the "Democrat Agenda for the 109th Congress" to the lilting strains of "Santa Clause is Coming to Town." It's filled with a host of goodies for everyone. Feeling insecure? The Dems are going to give you 40,000 new soldiers and 2,000 additional special forces (along with billions of dollars in new military spending on new bureaucracy and health care for reservists and their families), and they are going to end terrorism (by hiring new translators and supplying cash to "support to non-governmental organizations working to enhance democracy and development in the Muslim world"). Worried about the tykes? Why the Dems are going to make them all geniuses with good posture by pouring billions into Head Start and No Child Left Behind (as well as ponying up some pork for rural school systems to use to buy new busses). Feeling faint? No worries, friend, the Dems are here to heal you with new Medicaid and Medicare spending (open up and say "Ahhhh!" -- oops! Wrong end!). Worried about who's going to pay for all this government largesse? What largesse?!? The Dems even have legislation that will abolish deficit spending.

It really is amazing the fantasy world that you can concoct when you know you'll never have to follow through. It puts me in mind of a verse in an old classic song:

There's a lake of gin
We can both jump in
And the handouts grow on bushes
In the new-mown hay
We can sleep all day
And the bars all have free lunches
Where the mail train stops
And there ain't no cops
And the folks are tender-hearted
Where you never change your socks
And you never throw rocks
And your hair is never parted
My only concern in all of this is that one day the American people will buy into the (apparent) fantasy and elect enough of these big spenders to actually pass these boondoggles. I guess the Dems thought of that too when they promised contraceptives and rape counseling for everyone, because in their America we'd all be screwed.
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