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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Voting with their feet

Is it my imagination, or have the "blue staters" gotten even more petty and vindictive since they lost the election? To read some of these screeds and funny-number games, you'd think that the South and West are racist meccas where we are all a bunch of idiots who worship Jerry Falwell, kill gays, and love a good war.

I think I speak for many "red staters" when I say, "You're damn skinny, we are." We're more than willing to perpetrate the myths if it will keep those in blue states from moving here. Unfortunately, new census numbers show that, while our liberal, Yankee brethren talk a mean game, they're moving to the red states in droves. U.S. Today is reporting that there has been a dramatic population shift toward the red states. The story concludes that
If the trend continues at its current pace, states in the Northeast and Midwest that have been population powerhouses since the 19th century will lose their dominance to Sun Belt states by 2010.
Far from being a backwater, the red states are gaining people and political power at the expense of the blue states. If current trends hold out, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana will be losing congressional seats to Florida, Texas, Arizona and Utah after the next census. "It's the New America," said William Frey, demographer at the Brookings Institution, "It's taking population and political clout from the highly urbanized Old America."

I guess we're not so backwards after all.
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