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Monday, December 13, 2004

To whoever . . . or is it whomever?

It seems 'tis the season for housekeeping , makeovers, and updating blogrolls. As such, I have added a few myself. When I started this sad excuse for a blog, I agreed with myself (when I was able to get quorum) not to be a linkwhore and link to everyone and try to get links from same. It turns out that I have been wildly successful beyond my wildest dreams of making sure no one actually reads this blog. In fact, at last count over 6 billion people not only weren't linking to me or reading my posts, but they had not even accessed my site.

I have found, however, that there are some blogs that I like to read regularly. While I have not had any intention of giving them any recognition, I have decided to add the links for the sole reason that I am tired of accessing them through other people's blogrolls or typing their names into my browser.

Who am I kidding? These people are all more interesting than I am and are infinitely better writers. The bastards.

Note: If you are the owner of one of the linked blogs, I do not expect a reciprocal link. To do so would imply that you actually read my blog and would reflect very poorly on your judgment. Some of you may one day be forced to defend your views and nanny-hiring practices before a public body. Should that happen, I don't want to be a subject of questioning.

2nd Note: If you have already linked to me, I want you to know that I love you and will always be there for you, but, you know, not in a gay way.
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Thanks for the link...I started out with the same philosophy about not being a linkwhore but what I found is that as I blogged more and more, I got more and more addicted to reading other people's blogs and so wanted to link to them...some link back and some don't, but I read every single blog I like to on a pretty regular basis and man do I waste some serious time!
Hey, thanks for the link.

I just found your blog through... you know, the whole thing.

Anyway, I'm always conflicted. I mean, I want to link to everyone who links to me. But, I want to link to things I like reading, and I want to go through my blogroll and enjoy reading everything.

That being said, I definitely need to get around to updating my blogroll. Soon.

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