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Sunday, December 05, 2004

The stripper trade gap

As fantastic as it sounds, until this week there was a program in Canada to import "exotic dancers" from countries such as Russia and Romania in an attempt to maintain the viability of Canadian topless entertainment institutions. The recruitment had been a success, bringing in over 800 pole dancers to Canada last year, but the controversy surrounding the program was just too great to maintain it.

It is clear that a number of Canucks did not recognize the tremedous benefits of their open border policies. As proponents have argued, stopping the program will only result in a return to the dark days when strippers had to pose as nuns to get in the country. One can only hope that this devastating setback will have a positive side -- to encourage young Canadian women to choose this proud profession the clubs may have to focus on improving their poor public health track record and the market may have to adjust to grant more than a measly C$10 for a table dance.

I think as Americans we should all be thankful that we are able to fill our nude dancing clubs with top quality domestic workers, but we should always be willing to open our borders to foreign sex industry workers yearning to be free.

(Kudos to Rice at Southern Appeal for his vigilance on this issue.)
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