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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

One down . . .

The Oklahoma Council on Public Affairs speculates that the following quotes may shed some light on why Tom Brokaw was booed last month when he was introduced at an OU Sooners football game:

"I thought from the outset that [Reagan's] supply-side theory was just a disaster. I knew of no one that felt it was going to work."
-Tom Brokaw, 1983

"You're opposed to abortion in any form. You also have opposed the ERA, and you're opposed to increasing the minimum wage, which is important to a lot of women out there. Aren't you going to have a hard time selling Dan Quayle to the women of this country. [sic]"
-Tom Brokaw to Dan Quayle, 1988

"Wasn't it the Republican Party under the leadership of Ronald Reagan especially, and George Bush who put the country in the fix it is now. [sic]"
-Tom Brokaw, questioning Rep. Mike Crapo, 1993

-Tom Brokaw when asked in 2003 if he sees a liberal bias in the mainstream media. Brokaw says that "journalists see that part of their role- which I think is appropriate- is to represent the views of those who are underrepresented in the social context or the political context and to make sure they're not overlooked and their wrongs get the bright light of journalistic sunshine"
If anyone had asked me, I would have predicted the Brokaw booing. A few years ago a friend of mine was working for a Republican U.S. Senate candidate. He told me that he was working the stadium on game day in Norman, when he spotted his boss's Democrat rival, a sitting congressman. My friend spent all day getting little boys to go up and literally kick the Dem in the shins just by mentioning his record on gun votes to their dads.
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