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Thursday, December 23, 2004

How to look like an idiot

1. Kick a junior high student out of a school dance for wearing a Santa suit;

2. Insist that the dance was a "holiday" event, and that a "Santa Clause" costume is "inappropriate";

3. State that the expulsion was because "there is a separation of church and state" and that dressing up like Santa violates that;

4. When asked if Santa really has a religious connotation, don't answer the question;

5. Admit that there is no policy covering the situation, then admit that you don't believe the student was making a "religious statement" anyway;

6. Change your reasoning to be that you were enforcing the dance dress policy, because it was a "dress up dance" and the student was dressed up in, well, the wrong dress up clothes;

7. State that you were concerned with the white beard because it is difficult to know who's behind it;

8. Tell the kid to leave until he's changed his clothing, admit that you didn't think he had any other clothes with him, then don't check to see if he's left the building; and

9. Finally, blame the kid for leaving the building after telling him the above.
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