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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Post-election scandal malaise

I believe the constant need to bash Republicans is finally getting to the folks over at the Daily Kos. Of the two posts made this afternoon (here and here) their scathing accusations against the current GOP regime consist of the following:

1. A rebuke of the House Republicans for changing a House rule (somehow confusing a "rule of the House" with the "rule of law")!!!
2. The boldface accusations that incoming AG Al Gonzalez got then-Gov. Bush out of jury duty, has "played a key role in keeping presidential records out of the public eye," AND has insisted that "the president and those working closely with him must be able to receive counsel from advisers without public inquiry."

The horror! What next? Proof that Condi Rice once played loud music after 10 p.m.? An admission from Dick Cheney that he once saw the President rip a tag off of a mattress he didn't own?

I guess the vitriolic fires must be stoked even on a slow dirt day.
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