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Thursday, November 04, 2004

The more things change

A decade ago, I made the difficult decision to end my affiliation with the Republican party. Until I entered college, I naively thought that all Republicans were like me -- fiscal and social conservatives. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that there were people out calling themselves Republicans who actually support abortion and increased taxes! Since that time, I have devoted my political life to rooting out the "big government" conservatives and wine-and-cheese liberals wherever they may hide. Cue stirring music.

Actually, what I have seen over my varied political life is that so-called "moderates" are more than willing to sabotage conservative candidates by supporting Democrats and to team with Democrat legislators to pass all manner of vile legislation. While I have learned the lesson of moderate Republican perfidy, President Bush obviously has not. Eleven months ago, the President decided to put politics over principle and, to the amazement of most conservatives, went out of his way to endorse uber-moderate Sen. Arlen Specter over his conservative primary opponent. Specter road that support to victory in an incredibly close race. Today, now that Sen. Specter has won re-election, he repaid the President by warning him not to nominate conservatives to the Supreme Court.

There is an old saying that "he who lies down with dogs gets up with fleas." Thanks to President Bush, we will all be scratching for the next six years.

Update: Sen. Specter is claiming that the story of his warning is a complete fabrication and that he has no litmus test. Someone may have manufactured this story, but it says quite a bit about Specter that most people believed it.

Update: The good folks over at Red State have started
Centinel 9:03 AM #


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