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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Living up to your reputation

The Democrats are the party of job creation and economic growth. You don't believe me? Then you are in the minority. Over the past year, polls have consistently shown that Americans believe that the Dems are better at handling the economy. For example:

As of June, Congressional Democrats were favored by 17 points over the Republicans on "current ability to deal with the economy."

Independents favor Democrats over Republicans on ability to deal with the economy by 21 points.

Democrats "do a better job" on the economy and jobs than Republicans (+15 percent) according to likely voters.

Election polls show that Kerry held a 4-1 advantage over Bush with voters who listed the economy as their primary concern.
Kerry was constantly criticizing Bush for failing to create jobs, and even made the issue a major point of contention in their debates. He specifically promised that he would fight for more jobs if elected president.

In his quest for a solid economy, Kerry also blasted Bush on rising gas prices, stating that he would defend the little guy against the evil oil barons.

How fortunate for the Dems that they now have the opportunity to stand up for jobs once again AND to slow the rise of gas prices. Recent studies have come out showing that John McCain and Joe Lieberman's so-called "Climate Stewardship Act" -- which seeks to reduce greenhouse gases -- will cost the country 600,000 jobs over the next 20 years and will cause gas prices over that time to increase by 40 cents more than they will without the legislation. Add that to the predicted $675 billion to $1.63 trillion drag on the gross domestic product and you have a nice dent in the economic future.

But we're safe, folks, because the Democrat Party is the pro-job, pro-economy, pro-lower gas prices party, and they won't stand for this kind of thing.
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