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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Endangered species are neither

The Heartland Institute is reporting that, thanks to the deceptive definition of species promoted by fringe environmentalists, as many as 40% of the species listed as endangered are not species. The enviro-nuts have been using the Endangered Species Act to prevent untold acres from being developed to protect animals that are merely local populations of a wider species.

Are there still rational people out there who trust anything environmentalists say?
Centinel 9:42 AM #


I don't understand (and am too lazy to read the report) but the species "are not species?" This is an alien reality I would not have expected.

Getting my knowledge of things environmental from those who report on local environmental changes that I witness very day, I do trust what some environmentalists say; and have doubts about others.

It does make me sad that in the past twenty years, "environmentalist" has taken on the emotional connotation of "communist" in an earlier era. We must all be aware of, appreciative of and protective of our physical and biological melieu, our environment. We ought to all be environmentalists. It's the only biosphere we're ever gonna have.

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