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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Playing the Class Card

During the recent debates, John Kerry continued the long, proud Democrat tradition of stoking the fires of class envy. According to the good Senator, the rich are getting all the breaks, while the middle and lower-classes are forced to foot the bill under Bush's tyrannical tax cuts. These statements are red meat to the loyal liberals, but a simple look at the numbers shows that if anyone should be upset it is the most productive people in our society who are forced to cover the rest of us.

The IRS has recently released it's figures for the 2002 tax year, and the numbers are quite astounding. In 2002, the federal government collected $796 billion in income taxes, and of that total, $768 billion was paid by the top 50% of income earners. That's right, the "richest" half of us are paying 96.5% of all income taxes! Even more interesting is that fact that after the Bush tax cuts, that number has actually increased. Think of it as the Tax Gap: The rich get poorer, while the poor get richer.

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