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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Identity crisis

Who are the Boston Red Sox? I knew who they were yesterday -- a group of underdogs struggling against an 86-year curse -- loveable losers who represented the little guy and downtrodden everywhere. No matter how good the team seemed, you always knew they would self destruct. They were God's playthings -- Dr. Pepper's Last Lonely Hearts Club. The Red Sox Nation was defined by its pain -- despite nearly a century of angst they were the noble, hard-working American fans who stuck by their team. It's easy to be a Yankees fan, always knowing that your owner will spend enough money to continue the parade of champions, but being a Red Sox fan took fortitude and committment to a cause.

That's who the Red Sox were yesterday. Who they are today, or who they'll be after Pedro is bought out by the Yankees is a mystery. Perhaps they're just another Arizona Diamondbacks.
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