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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Latest Polls from Key Senate Races

COLORADO (KUSA-TV/SurveyUSA): Beer Magnate Pete Coors (R)- 51%, Attorney General Ken Salazar (D) - 46%. The momentum in this race has been with Coors. Toss-up.

FLORIDA (CNN/USA Today/Gallup): Former State Education Commissioner Betty Castor (D) - 51%, Former HUD Secretary Mel Martinez (R) - 45%. FLORIDA (Quinnipiac College): Castor-43%, Martinez-42%. Toss-up race for this Dem open seat.

LOUISIANA: Congressman David Vitter (R) - 41%, State Treasurer John Kennedy (D) - 19%, Congressman Chris John (D) - 16%, State Representative Arthur Morrell (D) - 3%. This is a jungle election which will undoubtedly result in a runoff between Vitter and either Kennedy or John. Toss-up.

NORTH CAROLINA (WRAL-TV/Mason-Dixon): Former White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles (D) - 49%, Congressman Richard Burr (R) - 40%. This one has been holding steady for awhile. Leans Democrat.

OKLAHOMA (KFOR-TV/SurveyUSA): Congressman Brad Carson (D) - 45%, former Congressman Tom Coburn (R) - 45%, Sheila Bilyeu (I) - 6%. Toss-up -- and a possible Dem pickup -- in the GOP open seat race.

SOUTH CAROLINA (SurveyUSA): Congressman Jim DeMint (R) - 51%, State Superintendent of Education Inez Tenenbaum (D) -39%. Tenenbaum was giving DeMint a run for his money, but her campaign has been taking on water recently. Leans Republican.

SOUTH DAKOTA: Senator Tom Daschle (D) - 50%, Congressman John Thune (R) - 45%. This is a bit of a turnaround from a poll taken earlier this month showing Thune with a 3% lead. Toss-up.

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