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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

It was Col. Mustard in the Library with an IBM Selectric

I'll be honest with you, I do not find Rathergate to be that compelling a story -- at least from a political viewpoint. While it has been amusing to watch CBS squirm in a trap of its own creation, all the incident has shown is what most right-thinking individuals have know for decades: that Dan Rather is a pompous twit who will not hesitate to use his God-given powers to "lean" un-biased journalism toward the truth as he sees it.

That being said, DNC Chairman and all-around dumpster lizard, Terry McAuliffe, has once again proven that he has balls the size of tractor tires by filing a press release stating -- now get this -- that the REPUBLICANS should confess to being the ones who engineered the whole sordid affair. Specifically, he states:

In today's New York Post, Roger Stone, who became associated with political "dirty tricks" while working for Nixon, refused to deny that he was the source [sic] the CBS documents.

Will Ed Gillespie or the White House admit today what they know about Mr. Stone's relationship with these forged documents? Will they unequivocally rule out Mr. Stone's involvement? Or for that matter, others with a known history of dirty tricks, such as Karl Rove or Ralph Reed?

As best I can translate, this is what McAullife was saying: There is a guy who worked for Nixon, so he is obviously a lying, cheating S.O.B. The Republicans are clearly implicated in tricking CBS because they have not denied that this guy -- and every other living Republican -- had anything to do with the incident.

According to McAullife, some Republican out there forged a document knowing that it would be submitted to CBS, knowing that CBS would go with it without properly authenticating it, knowing that experts would call the document into question, knowing that the blogsphere would pick up the story and fan the flames, and knowing that CBS would perform the network-news equivalent of a "wardrobe malfunction."

God bless you, Terry, if for only making me consider for a moment whether there was someone that smart in the GOP.
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