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Thursday, September 16, 2004

A Brief Bio

For those who care, I shall provide a brief bio. I was born a Cracker, raised a Tarheel, and (barely) educated in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I have been involved in politics since I was in my early teens when I licked envelopes for the great Senator No. Before I graduated college I had worked on several campaigns and spent a summer interning in the NC State Legislature. After a college career marked by a devotion to TV and beer, I moved to the "black hole of politics" (know in some quarters as DC), and began writing lovely letters for a Congressman for little-to-no pay. Looking for the quickest way off the Hill, I took a job with a VERY conservative public policy organization and spent 6 years roaming the US getting involved in campaign and legislative fights. I've been in 45 states, lived in places as diverse as NH, CO, OK and MT, and have managed or consulted on two dozen state legislative races (focusing on running conservatives against sitting Republicans). I was eventually sucked back into DC to take over my employer's state legislative department. Wearying of the NOVA/DC bullsh*t, I fled to a wonderful Southern law school where I enjoyed 3 years of drinking beer and discussing big thoughts. Since that time I have clerked for a federal district court judge (who was the trial judge on 2 cases every Con Law student must read), gotten married to a beautiful woman who lacks discerment, and am now an associate in a Dallas law firm.
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